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The Outpost Universe is a fan site devoted to the Sierra released games Outpost 1 and Outpost 2: Divided Destiny. Feel free to drop by our chatroom for a few games of Outpost 2, or some realtime chat with other fans. Or perhaps drop by our forums and leave us a message or join in on one of the topics. Here we have extensive discussions of gameplay, storylines, modding, or the latest patches, releases and projects being worked on.

The Outpost Universe has managed to attract both gamers and programmers alike. If you're a gamer, than join up with the other gamers for a few quick skirmishes, or perhaps discuss strategy on the forums. If you're a programmer, or looking to get into programming, then you are sure to find a few like minded people who can share what they know, or help you along. Or if you're a gamer who is looking for precise descriptions of how Outpost 2 works internally so you can perfectly optimize your next killer strategy, well, we have people that can probably help with that too.

Currently, the Outpost Universe offers a NetFix patch to help people play Outpost 2 over the internet who are behind a home router. It's not a complete WON replacement, but it's a significant step in the right direction. We also have a Hamachi network setup for people who would prefer to play over a VPN. For level designers, we have a mission development kit and map editor if you want to try your hand at making new Outpost 2 levels, but be warned, you pretty much have to be a programmer to use these tools, and you'll need a C++ compiler. Bug fixes and enhancement patches are also provided for various issues that have cropped up over the years, such as the option button highlighting, screen resolution issues, network gameplay problems, or just wanting to build twice as many units. We also provide a patched version with the cheats disabled, so you'll never again have to worry about cheats ruining your next online game of Outpost 2. Please be advised that different versions of Outpost 2 are not compatible with each other in network games, and most people here choose to use the patched version from the download section. The list of bug fixes and enhancments included is too large to list here, but if you're curious to see what we've done with the game, then check out ChangeLog.txt included in the download package.

So, why not stop by our forums to signup and say "Hello!", and see our current projects.

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